"Halle Kearns was majestic on and off of the stage of the Calmo Country Fest. Halle is very talented and so down to earth and was a joy to work with. I would choose Halle again, without doubt."

-Travis Bax, Originator/Producer CalMo Country Fest

"As an owner of Four Horses and a Dog Winery  & Vineyard, I recently had the pleasure of listening to Halle Kearns play at our winery. She proved to be an awesome entertainer. She had the audience spellbound from her very first song. From our first conversation, Halle has been a pleasure to work with. She keeps in contact before showing up, and I found her work ethic to be wonderful. I look forward to having her back at the winery."

-Stephen Stubbs, Venue Owner

"I’ve played a number of shows with Halle Kearns. Halle has the ability to take an original or cover and make it instantly relatable. Her earnest voice evokes images of simpler times when music was experienced in small rooms with just a guitar for a backdrop and a singer bearing her soul vocally for her audience. Halle has the look and personality of a performer coupled with the soul of an artist. I’m glad to call her a friend, and look forward to her doing great things in music."

-Jason Craig, Country Recording Artist

I have had the pleasure of working with Halle for a few events at Stables Grill in Kearney, Mo. She has the uncanny ability to grab every person in the room's attention as soon as she gets on the stage. There is something very honest and soulful in her voice that allows her to connect to the audience immediately. Beyond being a stellar performer, she was involved in all of the leg work to help promote our events, and spent time chatting with all of our guest's afterwards. It is truly awesome to see an entertainer put in the personal touch that Halle does! 

-Morgan Ward, Venue Owner 

"At 18 years old Halle came to me when she was new to KC. All she wanted was to learn, and to get better at her craft. At 19, she helped book and run a seven week, seventy station, seven state radio tour. In the last year and a half she has gone from being completely new, to opening theaters with me. She’s as sweet as she is beautiful (inside and out) and I have yet to meet someone her age who has been willing to dive in and do the dirty work that the business requires to move forward.
Halle has more experience in the industry this early in her life than most people have at the end of a career. Musically she can play the guitar, sing, and write. She has not been afraid to step up to any musical challenge I’ve thrown at her, be it serenading a room of 60 people a country fair, or a theater. She’s funny, she’s talented, she’s hardworking, and she’s nice. Her future is as bright as the lights she keeps finding herself under."

-Sara Morgan, Country Recording Artist

I have been doing music audio for many years, I have seen countless entertainers over the years, and had the privilege to meet Halle Kearns the for first time when she donated her talents to support a benefit for St Jude Hospital. Says a lot about this lady! Since then, we have worked together many times.
Words that come to mind when I see and hear her play are refreshing, comfortable, honest and pure! She has a great voice and is beautiful both inside and out! I have never met a more caring person than her, The songs she writes comes from the heart and tell great stories, I have never been big into lyrics, but I find myself paying close attention to hers.
Her voice is sweet, pure, and not over-kill. You will leave her performances feeling like you, personally, have just been sung to. She seems to reach everyone this same way.
Take some time and listen to her sing. I'm anticipating her first CD release, and know it will be a breath of fresh air! 

-Joe Brugnoni, Sound Tech

"Halle performed at the Billings Community Fair over Labor Day weekend, and was an
immediate hit! Everyone loved her, and through her magnetic personality, Halle drew the
crowd in and young and old were toe-tapping, hand clapping, while Halle sang and played her
There were so many in the crowd who came up to us during, and after, Halle’s performance
asking who she was, and saying she was sensational, we decided she will definitely be a return
performer for next year’s Billings Community Fair!
Halle has an innocence about her, which makes her seem quiet and shy when you first meet
her; however, once she begins to strum her guitar and sing, you quickly realize she is actually a
vibrant young lady who easily expresses herself though her music."

-Anna Lee Datema, Fair Board Member- Entertainment Committee

"As an avid fan of live music and one who appreciates the songwriter/artist/singer, we have become devoted fans of Halle Kearns and her music. Her live performances are a mix of her very own original music that always has us coming back for more, mixed with her version of great music that everybody knows and loves.
It is rare to find someone with the talent, passion, commitment and presence to connect with one’s audience through live music today the way that Halle Kearns does time and time again. That is why we find ourselves always anticipating the next chance to see Halle live every chance we get. Come on out to the next Halle Kearns venue, bring that special someone with you, and you too will fall for the music and performance of this up and coming artist.

-John & Melissa Bucksath

"At first glance she is an insufferably cute cheerleader trying to be a musician, but her writing and performing of some of the most introspective music is impressive. She is hauntingly mature while still holding true to her spunky and sweet demeanor."

-JD Enke, Kansas City Venue owner

"When I first met Halle, she was booked at the same show [my band] was playing. I was instantly drawn to how comfortable she was onstage by herself. Since I've known her, she's taken on this journey virtually on her own. Book her, and book her now. No one is better prepared. And no one has more fun with their music than Halle!"

-Hunter Thomas Mounce, Nashville Recording Artist